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I guess every traveller is different. But there are common factors that if focused upon, put us all on a spectrum. There are spectrums of how much time spent travelling, from rarely to continuously, and of how many places visited etc. [Read More…]

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Attending international conferences is one of the perks of academic life. Academic meetings are held all around the world, often in tourist-friendly locations (e.g., Hawaii, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Paris). Some of these can be quite small and friendly, and low cost, particularly if organised by small, national organisations. [Read More…]

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It’s a common game, particularly among backpackers, to compare how many countries they have visited. Of course, it’s all a bit silly, as the traveling shouldn’t be about totting up numbers of places, but enhancing one’s life with experiences. Nevertheless, it is a good exercise to keep record of the travels. [Read More…]

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I’m in Thailand to take up my new academic position at Chulalongkorn University. As this is all happening during the COVID pandemic, the experience has been reversed: what should be exiting is now dull. My move to Bangkok, one of the most vibrant cities in the world, starts with a fortnight in the 3-star Hotel Quarantine. [Read More…]

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Back in those last few months of late 2019, before Coronavirus, I travelled frequently between South and North America, Europe and Asia, knocking up over 45,000 miles: the equivalent of flying between London and New York 13 times. I was giving seminars in Quito, Ecuador and Nur-sultan, Kazakhstan, with an apartment in each country, I was presenting at conferences in the USA, visiting family in the UK, and even spending a weekend break in Poland. With the arrival of SARS-CoV-2 my jet-set lifestyle skidded off the runway, and to an abrupt halt. [Read More…]