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At Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

Recently I’ve been working at Nazarbayev University. This is an ambitious, internationally-focused and well-funded academic project in Kazakhstan. Opened and expanding since 2010, the university comprises impressive facilities on a single campus (plus a nearby medical school) in the capital city, Nursultan. [Read More…]

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Ten Christmases on the road

For Helen and me, Christmas is a time to travel. Not travel home to family and friends, but to travel to new places. In fact, we’ve spent the past 10 Christmases in all sorts of places, only linked by not being home. [Read More…]

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About me

This is my blog about my personal travels as an academic. In this first post I’ll introduce myself, explaining how I got to this point.

I’m British, from the north of England. [Read More…]

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