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Reinforcement learning, rats, and a holiday in Cambodia

As this blog is for my website on ‘Minds, Brains, and Internationalism’, I’m painfully aware of the foolishness of having started it during a global pandemic, when international travel was severely limited. But things have just eased up enough for my first holiday abroad in the new normal - a trip to Cambodia. And this turned out to be the perfect way to combine the study of minds, brains, and travel. [Read More…]

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Home, to a traveller

I guess every traveller is different. But there are common factors that if focused upon, put us all on a spectrum. There are spectrums of how much time spent travelling, from rarely to continuously, and of how many places visited etc. [Read More…]

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Back to conferencing

Attending international conferences is one of the perks of academic life. Academic meetings are held all around the world, often in tourist-friendly locations (e.g., Hawaii, Las Vegas, Vancouver, Paris). Some of these can be quite small and friendly, and low cost, particularly if organised by small, national organisations. [Read More…]

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How well-traveled are you? Introducing the t-index

It’s a common game, particularly among backpackers, to compare how many countries they have visited. Of course, it’s all a bit silly, as the traveling shouldn’t be about totting up numbers of places, but enhancing one’s life with experiences. Nevertheless, it is a good exercise to keep record of the travels. [Read More…]

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In, and out of, quarantine

I’m in Thailand to take up my new academic position at Chulalongkorn University. As this is all happening during the COVID pandemic, the experience has been reversed: what should be exiting is now dull. My move to Bangkok, one of the most vibrant cities in the world, starts with a fortnight in the 3-star Hotel Quarantine. [Read More…]

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